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Out With An AMAZING 2015 And Happy 2016!

Happy 2016!

It isn’t until you sit down and give it a good think that you realize – WOW, 2015 has been a great year!

I mean, anytime the Broads of Broadsway get together, we’re going to make lots of music and laughing until we’re aching…but then you actually look at what we did, well that’s a whole ‘nuther story.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.37.30 AM.pngIt all started in January with the Broads returning to NYC for our second show at the Metropolitan Room – what a great night! There’s just something about New York City that makes you feel just that much cooler and that much hipper…ok…maybe it was the pastrami at Katz’s or the great Italian restaurants, but I’m going to go with it anyway!

Still in the Big Apple, we were off to APAP, an arts conference where we could watch, see and be seen by presenters and artists from all over the world. Of course, having the lights blow out and the sound board catch fire was also memorable. (Honest…we had nothing to do with it!!!)

Valentine’s Day weekend we played Diane’s home town of London, Ontario at the Aolean Hall. It’s a lovely room with great sound and an even greater piano (Diane was very happy. And if she’s happy, so are Heather and I). The audience braved a blizzard to come out and join us and the result was a warm, cozy evening with friends – even if they didn’t walk in that way – we were all together by the end of the night.Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.37.15 AM.png

March had us going from the Performing Arts Centre in Lakefield (with great thanks to Michael Rosen) to the Homesmith Bar, right here in Toronto – the travelling is great, but it’s always good to play a room at home!

April had us travelling again to Ajax and the St. Francis centre with its beautiful windows and great audience to the Deer Creek Golf Club to sing for Autism Ontario. That was such a satisfying gig – to be part of thea supporting cast of a great organization doing great work.

In May, we gigged at Toronto’s Soul Pepper Theatre. It’s always a kick to share the stage with folks you truly respect and whose talent is a pleasure to see and hear. We had so much fun! I think it’s the energy that’s generated when you get that special concentration of music and an audience that truly appreciates what you’re doing that makes a night magical and that is what happened.

On Mother’s Day, we were warmly welcomed at The Bloom Restaurant. Not only was the audience astute and appreciative, the meal we were served at the end of the evening was sublime. Did I mention that we Broads are fond of food? Do I need to mention that?

There’s a new venue for music in Toronto and the Broads got a chance to play our tunage at the 120 Bistro on Church Street during the Toronto International Jazz Festival. It’s fun to be in an intimate spot and really get to make the audience part of the performance.

Let’s see…we’re in July now…(my how time flies!) and singing in Niagara-on-the-Lake for their Jazz Festival. It was a great, enthusiastic audience and we had a blast. And we even got to continue the great vibes the next day when we taught our first workshop together! We’re all educators, but it was really fun to pool our experience and give our workshoppers a truly 3-dimensional experience!

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.36.09 AMNow onto our biggest event in 2016 – our new CD, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Maybe”. Yup, the Broads have made a CD of Christmas music…and stuff…..well, you can’t expect us to leave anything the way we found it! Mind you, there were more than a few songs that Diane lent her special talents to – “Breath of Heaven” is definitely one of the loveliest arrangements I know. And Heather’s version of “Christmas Angel” is so pure and sweet. And me? I got to sing one of my all-time favourites, Gordon Lightfoot’s, “Song for a Winter’s Night”. Then there’s the other Broadsway take on Christmas…”Jingle Bell Rockin'” and “Winter Wonderland” as a kick-ass Latin carol! Yeah…we just couldn’t play everything the way it was written…really!

Now think about this – it’s August, 30-plus degrees Celsius and about 200% humidity. The only sound in the quiet morning is that made by our three collective curly heads kinking up! We are at the studio of engineering wizard, Jono Grant and singing Christmas songs at the tops of our lungs – ‘like we ever sing anywhere else! I gotta’ tell you, it’s kind of an interesting head space to get into the Holiday spirit when just standing in one place makes you schvitz! Still, it’s a really fun CD and we had a blast recording it.

In November we released it at our beloved Jazz Bistro. Sybll and the gang helped to make the nights even more special by being right there cheering us on…and laughing…and well, you get the idea.

I would be remiss if I did not talk about the Friends of Broadsway. Spearheaded by Lisa Landry and Claire Lavoie, this group raised funds to cover the cost of our Symphony orchestrations. Broadsway will be performing with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra on April 2 and 3 of this year!!!! Since early summer, Diane and Heather have been working with four orchestrators to create symphonic versions of twelve pieces from our repertoire. Yes, Broadsway Bacharach has been orchestrated! We could not have funded this project on our own and are extremely grateful to: Lisa and Claire, Martha, Jennifer and Lori, Jo and Cheryl, Andrea and Deb, A. Frank, Gail R., Gwen, Liz, Heather G., Jacki, Jaki, Yvonne, Noelle and Diane, Heather B., Joan and Ann and Gail C.

The rest of the year has been a flurry (no pun intended) of great times, including Trivia contests at the MCCT (my team are the reigning champs…’just sayin’) and Heather’s annual Christmas Kitchen Party – imagine – great music – great people – great wine and great food – you just can’t get much better than that!

Well, that’s the news! It’s been a great, crazy, wonderful year full of music! If you are missing us, join us at the 120 Diner on Sunday March 6 between 5 and 7 p.m. Ticket info is on our website. Until we see you again, we thank for your ongoing support and friendship and wish all of you a New Year full of joy and love, good health and lots of laughter!

We’ll see you later!

The Broads of Broadsway

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Happy New Year From Broadsway!

broadsHappy New Year from the Broads! 

So, here we are in the final moments of 2014. What a year it’s been for Broadsway! Before going any further, we very much want to thank all of you for your support, suggestions, assistance, laughter, applause, encouragement, and kindness over the past 12 months. It’s been said by many, but we truly mean it when we say, we really couldn’t have done it without you!

It’s been a heck of a year and there were definitely more than a few highlights for us, including:

– repeat performances at Toronto mainstays where our “home” crowd showed lots of love

– opening the JAZZ.FM91 Cabaret Series with a sold out performance at Hugh’s Room (a show that was broadcast on JAZZ.FM91, and featured Diane’s incredible “scatting” for the first time)

– our debut appearance at the TD Toronto Jazz Festival, where we got to “rock out” at the Hard Rock Cafe

– showin’ ’em ‘what we got’ in New York, in open mics at The Metropolitan Room and Birdland, which lead to…

10397989_891975070812645_2886144021383337636_n– …our New York debut feature performance at The Metropolitan Room, one of Manhattan’s premiere Cabaret Rooms!

– six full houses at the exquisite Jazz Bistro, including three during which we began creating the makings of a live album

– signing with a fantastic team of managers / agents who will be working with us to spread the good Broadsway word

– participating in the 25th Anniversary of the MCC Toronto’s Christmas Eve Service at Roy Thomson Hall

– meeting and making wonderful new connections from across Canada and the US with whom we hope to be working with very soon!

This year has also had its challenges, both professionally and personally. There have been major shifts in our respective and collective lives, and there have been losses, as well. They have caused us to have to rely on each other, the music, and all of you for spiritual/emotional uplift and support.

Then there were the thrilling off-stage moments that saw us finding new sources of love, support, and joy…and new furry, four-legged bundles, as well!

1456610_892911620718990_2384219060681390953_nThrough it all, there have been a few constants:

1. We continue to love each other and love working with each other. Broadsway is like a marriage: there are moments of love, moments of struggle, moments of laughter, moments of tears, moments of joy, moments of contentment. We love what we do and we love doing it together!

2. The music continues to thrill, motivate, and inspire us. There are always new doors opening, new shows to experience, new tunes to embrace, now arrangements to create, and new musical thrills to enjoy!

3. You are constantly wonderful in your support! Whether it’s showing up at multiple shows at the Jazz Bistro, consistently inviting new people into the Broadsway fold, or hopping on a plane to join us for our New York debut, you have been there for us time and time again. We LOVE the comments on Facebook, we LOVE the messages you Tweet to us, we LOVE that you continue to visit us at our website, watch our videos, listen to our music, and support our shows!

So, as we head into the New Year, we wish all of you nothing but the best of health, happiness, laughter, peace, and contentment for 2015. We also thank you for everything you’ve offered us in 2014, and hope that we will see you at more performances in the new year…and that you’ll continue to let your friends know about the fun and great music that comes with a Broadsway show.

Here’s hoping our paths will cross many times in much musical love and joy.

With love and appreciation,


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Broadsway Is Back At The Jazz Bistro In Toronto!

The Jazz Bistro - Broadsway Following three sold out nights last August, Jazz Bistro is thrilled to welcome Broadsway BACK!! We’ll be there March 27th, 28th & 29th for music, laughter and all out FUN! We can’t wait to see all of those familiar (AND NEW) faces out there in the crowd!

Pass the word along AND if you haven’t bought your tickets yet, get on it because we gotta tell ya, they will go fast!!

The Jazz Bistro - Broadsway

***Make sure to call The Jazz Bistro to reserve your table!***

For tickets, please call 416.363.5299 OR send an email to info@jazzbistro.ca

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Broadsway Always Heating Things Up!

1fbbroadsThis frigid weather isn’t trapping us indoors that’s for sure! Much like the olympics, we’re moving, we’re shaking and we’re prepping ourselves for an onslaught of shows within the next few weeks. Some great things to talk about so stick around! Just think, before we know it, we’ll all be complaining that we’re melting in Toronto’s heavy heat. Hard to imagine right now this minute though!

Ok, so first off, both Diane and Heather have performer/music pages on the side (nothing scandalous we promise!!) via Facebook and are encouraging everyone to like like like each page!! Diane’s is ‘Concerts and Cabarets’ , a group created for all of those who LOVE music and want to be advised of upcoming concerts and cabarets. Heather’s page is ‘Heather Bambrick Music’ where you can find all things music related to Ms. B.

Now for BROADSWAY, some really exciting shows coming up to share with you! We’re honoured to be performing for the JazzFM Cabaret Series Feb. 20th at Hugh’s Room. The show is SOLD OUT but we’d like to thank all of you who purchased tickets. We can’t wait to see your faces!


Milton HERE WE COME! We’ll be appearing at The Milton Centre for the Arts on Feb. 21st so if you’re around, please come out! For ticket information, please click HERE!!

March is shaping up to be one busy one. On the 21st we’ll be @ the Orillia Opera House celebrating the launch of ‘Dress For Success Orillia & Barrie’ – a bedazzled night of food, drink and a Broadsway concert! For ticket info. please click HERE!

More more more in March so don’t go just yet!! The Jazz Bistro (one of our most favourite places to play in Toronto) has us billed three nights back to back starting March 27th-29th. Click HERE for more info. Three nights of excessive fun and extreme laughter (should we be putting cautionary disclaimers along with this??)

Oh, and PLEASE connect with us Facebook and Twitter if you haven’t already.

See you all SOON!!!

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Ileana Grimm Broadsway

To grab a copy of ‘Old Friends’, please click below!!

Broadsway Old Friends

Broadsway Bringing You More More More!!

Happy New Year from Broadsway!!

Ok, we’re aware that this is being written on the last day of January, and we apologize for being a little late.  HOWEVER, it’s been a heck of a start to the year.

First, let’s sum up the end of 2013 … GREAT!!  The CDs have been going very well, and we ordered our second run.  Heather took a working vacation, singing aboard a Jazz Cruise to the Caribbean.  Diane was hard at work preparing for a big Christmas Eve service that MCC Toronto does at Roy Thomson Hall each year.  (This year, Heather was one of the featured soloists … keeping it in the family!)  In the meantime, while all of this was happening, we were also preparing for our Christmas show:  “SH-IT’S CHRISTMAS”.  We did three amazing performances of the show during the holiday season and then began planning things for the New Year.

And here we are, with 2014 well under way.  We’ve already had so many wonderful things confirm for the coming year, and we are also still in discussions for other happenings.  We’re really looking forward to what the New Year has to offer.

First things first:  we had our first performance of 2014:  at Heart Lake United Church in Brampton.  What a fantastic night!  It was a wonderful crowd, and not even the warnings from Peel Police to stay off the roads because of the weather could deter people from showing up.  Because it was our first time playing in Brampton, we did a sort of “Best Of” show and everyone seemed to love it.  Thanks to ALL who came out and who also took home copies of the CD.  We sold out!!


Broadsway (Diane, Heather, and Julie) at Heart Lake United Church in Brampton, January


Broadsway’s youngest fan Ryan shows off his signed CD

Since the show, we’ve been busy working towards the next project.  Thursday, February 20th, we’ll be hitting the stage at Hugh’s Room, as a part of the JAZZ.FM91 Cabaret Series.  This is our first time playing this venue and it’s one of the better “supper club” rooms in town.  The sight lines are great, they have a really nice menu, and best of all, it’s sponsored by JAZZ.FM91.  We’re really looking forward to bringing our music to a new audience!  PLUS, Diane’s been busy working on all new arrangements for us … and they ain’t easy!!  Good thing we enjoy rehearsing together!

1broads3The Broads take the stage at Hugh’s Room on Thursday, February 20th,as part of the JAZZ.FM91 Cabaret Series. Tickets and information are available at www.jazz.fm

No sooner will we finish that show, when we have another!  Friday, February 21st sees us heading to Milton to perform at their beautiful new Centre for the Arts.  Again, it’s our first time playing there, so we look forward to meeting new folks and are hoping to see some familiar faces, as well.  (We always have people asking when we are going to play outside of the GTA.  Well, now’s your chance to take advantage of that!)  For tickets and information, visit www.miltoncentreforthearts.ca .

Oh,yeah!!  We’ll be a part of Heather’s Jazz Cailidh at the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg.  This is part of a very special exhibit happening on Sunday, February 16th, from 1:30 – 3:30.  It’s very much a “kitchen party” and heaven knows we love a good party … in ANY kitchen.  Visit www.mcmichael.com and see their “What’s On” page for more details.

Looking ahead, we’ll be back at Toronto’s celebrated Jazz Bistro at the end of March with an all-new show.  We can’t wait to return to this spectacular room.  For more information, visit www.jazzbistro.ca.  Tickets and reservations are currently being made for this show.  (Last time we played there in the summer, all three nights sold out and it was “standing room only”, so don’t miss out on seeing us at this amazing venue.

We’ve also got shows planned in the summer, and are in discussions about some very exciting prospects that could see us hitting the road again.  (This time we’re either NOT letting Heather drive, or we’re asking for a rental car with a speed limiter installed!)

All in all, 2014 is looking like it’s going to be a very exciting one for us.  We thank you so much for the support you’ve offered us in 2013, and we look forward to seeing you at our various shows this year.  (Starting Feb. 20 at Hugh’s Room!!)

Stay connected with us on Facebook & Twitter!!  You can also visit our website for all things Broadsway at thebroadswayshow.com.