Broadsway’s Julie Michels Tells It Like It Is!

Julie Michels tells it like it is…. 1broadsnew1

“…and what interesting things have you been up to?”  This will be the question that greets me when I get to the office tomorrow morning.  This is the question that greets me every morning and that’s not a bad thing. These are the questions that help people get perspective from each other on their lives outside their workplaces. We all know we’re busy and we all know that we’re unique in our personal craziness.  But here’s the thing (there is always a “thing”), what does our uniqueness look like when compared to someone else’s? I don’t think my life is that unusual, but I’ll tell you about my weekend, anyway.


So, the high points of my weekend were Friday afternoon and evening, and Saturday morning.  The Broads were on the road and off to lovely, Orillia, Ontario. For those not possessing Ontarian familiarity, Orillia is about an hour-and-a-half North of Toronto, on the Northern tip of Lake Simcoe.  I hadn’t been there since I was a teenager and playing in a disreputable establishment, long before I had any right to be singing in any bar!

First, the drive – I showed up right on time – 10 minutes late – to meet my broads and Muffin the wonder puppy and off we went. Muffin, once ensconced at the spa, waved her paw to wish us “happy trails” and we were on the road.

Now, you have to understand that being in a car with Heather Bambrick and Diane Leah involves listening to great music…you can ask Heather about the song list, but believe  me, it was great!  There was singing and laughing and some discreet snoring… (I can’t help it…I fall asleep unless I’m driving) and in no time, we were there.

We got to the Opera House and met Claude, our terrific sound dude – seriously, he’s great – we could hear ourselves think, and that’s a wonderful thing.  We noshed on gourmet sannies and veggies…yes, very health, as was the wine (it’s good for the digestion)… and then tarting up and getting on with the show.

And the audience was wonderful!…we were good too!! They got our jokes (at least they laughed at them) and forgave us our mess-ups (no tomatoes were hurled).  Seriously, it was a pleasure to sing for our Orillia fans.  I can’t wait to sing for them again!

The goilz were terrific as always and I only laughed uncontrollably once…OK, twice…but who’s counting…and Heather made me…honest!!Ap

After the gig there was much laughter, more wine, staying up waaaay too late and eventual snoring.

The morning found us looking at an unploughed parking lot and about 22.5cm of freshly fallen, wet snow.  (Oh joy!)  We managed to make our way to the highway, and get back to T.O. in time for Diane to get to a rehearsal at the MCCT.  Heather dropped us off, and she and Muffin went off to have their own adventures. Diane hunkered down to make beautiful music with the choir.  I on the other hand enjoyed a day of laundry, napping, and an astronomy documentary…each to their own. 1julie

Snowfalls, cold nights and long drives aside, it was a lovely, lovely time.  I love the music and I love my fellow Broads!

And now for the next event for the Broadsway Broads!!

On Thursday March 27, Friday March 28 and Saturday March 29, Broadsway will be celebrating their incredible journey at The Jazz Bistro.  Yes, we played there eight months ago, and now we have tons of new material and jokes even we haven’t heard.

Call 416-363-5299 to book your seats.  You can visit for more information.

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    Hilarious!!! U gals are just faaaaaabulous!!! Like you didn’t already know that?! SUZ….XOXO

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