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Broadsway Bringing You More More More!!

Happy New Year from Broadsway!!

Ok, we’re aware that this is being written on the last day of January, and we apologize for being a little late.  HOWEVER, it’s been a heck of a start to the year.

First, let’s sum up the end of 2013 … GREAT!!  The CDs have been going very well, and we ordered our second run.  Heather took a working vacation, singing aboard a Jazz Cruise to the Caribbean.  Diane was hard at work preparing for a big Christmas Eve service that MCC Toronto does at Roy Thomson Hall each year.  (This year, Heather was one of the featured soloists … keeping it in the family!)  In the meantime, while all of this was happening, we were also preparing for our Christmas show:  “SH-IT’S CHRISTMAS”.  We did three amazing performances of the show during the holiday season and then began planning things for the New Year.

And here we are, with 2014 well under way.  We’ve already had so many wonderful things confirm for the coming year, and we are also still in discussions for other happenings.  We’re really looking forward to what the New Year has to offer.

First things first:  we had our first performance of 2014:  at Heart Lake United Church in Brampton.  What a fantastic night!  It was a wonderful crowd, and not even the warnings from Peel Police to stay off the roads because of the weather could deter people from showing up.  Because it was our first time playing in Brampton, we did a sort of “Best Of” show and everyone seemed to love it.  Thanks to ALL who came out and who also took home copies of the CD.  We sold out!!


Broadsway (Diane, Heather, and Julie) at Heart Lake United Church in Brampton, January


Broadsway’s youngest fan Ryan shows off his signed CD

Since the show, we’ve been busy working towards the next project.  Thursday, February 20th, we’ll be hitting the stage at Hugh’s Room, as a part of the JAZZ.FM91 Cabaret Series.  This is our first time playing this venue and it’s one of the better “supper club” rooms in town.  The sight lines are great, they have a really nice menu, and best of all, it’s sponsored by JAZZ.FM91.  We’re really looking forward to bringing our music to a new audience!  PLUS, Diane’s been busy working on all new arrangements for us … and they ain’t easy!!  Good thing we enjoy rehearsing together!

1broads3The Broads take the stage at Hugh’s Room on Thursday, February 20th,as part of the JAZZ.FM91 Cabaret Series. Tickets and information are available at

No sooner will we finish that show, when we have another!  Friday, February 21st sees us heading to Milton to perform at their beautiful new Centre for the Arts.  Again, it’s our first time playing there, so we look forward to meeting new folks and are hoping to see some familiar faces, as well.  (We always have people asking when we are going to play outside of the GTA.  Well, now’s your chance to take advantage of that!)  For tickets and information, visit .

Oh,yeah!!  We’ll be a part of Heather’s Jazz Cailidh at the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg.  This is part of a very special exhibit happening on Sunday, February 16th, from 1:30 – 3:30.  It’s very much a “kitchen party” and heaven knows we love a good party … in ANY kitchen.  Visit and see their “What’s On” page for more details.

Looking ahead, we’ll be back at Toronto’s celebrated Jazz Bistro at the end of March with an all-new show.  We can’t wait to return to this spectacular room.  For more information, visit  Tickets and reservations are currently being made for this show.  (Last time we played there in the summer, all three nights sold out and it was “standing room only”, so don’t miss out on seeing us at this amazing venue.

We’ve also got shows planned in the summer, and are in discussions about some very exciting prospects that could see us hitting the road again.  (This time we’re either NOT letting Heather drive, or we’re asking for a rental car with a speed limiter installed!)

All in all, 2014 is looking like it’s going to be a very exciting one for us.  We thank you so much for the support you’ve offered us in 2013, and we look forward to seeing you at our various shows this year.  (Starting Feb. 20 at Hugh’s Room!!)

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Broadsway Says Happy 2014 And All That Jazz!

1mic2Happy 2014 everyone and all that jazz! By saying all that jazz, the broads literally mean it!! We have a barrage of shows coming up that we’re kicking into the new year with and can’t wait. In 2013, we exited in fine form with performances at the Flying Beaver Pubaret which almost left most of us breathless from extreme laughter and FUN. This year won’t be any different we guarantee that!!


We have a lot lined up for the next little while but for starters, here are three shows we’re honoured to be part of. Tickets do go fast (which we won’t be complaining about anytime soon!) so PLEASE make sure to set yourselves up earlier than later.

Here goes!!

Saturday January 25th @ Heart Lake United Church.  For info. on the event, please click HERE.  To join the event on Facebook, please click HERE.

Thursday February 20th @ Hugh’s Room, Jazz.FM91 Cabaret Series. To purchase tickets, please click HERE.  *** These tickets are GOING FAST!  To join the event on Facebook, please click HERE. 

Friday February 21st @ The Milton Centre For The Arts. To purchase tickets, please click HERE.  To join the event on Facebook, please click HERE.

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