It’s Showtime! Nights Of Holiday Fun With Broadsway Coming Up!

1broads2 Ok so some of us REALLY don’t want to think about Christmas and the holidays this very second however, there’s no denying that that time of the year brings those we hold close to our hearts together in the warmest of ways.

Are you looking at gathering friends and family for a night of holiday fun? Come out and see a Broadsway show! We have three dates coming up, the first is December 12th where we’ll be at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. ‘ A Broadsway Christmas ‘ will give you an evening of Christmas fun you’ll never forget!  Please click here for ticket information.

On December 13th and 14th we’ll be at The Flying Beaver Pubaret, one of THE venues in Toronto that naturally injects laughter into the air and what happens when a little Broadsway gets thrown into the mix? Expect uncontrollable guffawing!! Click here for ticket info.

Oh, and we LOVE staying connected so please please connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!!!

For ALL THINGS BROADSWAY, our website is 

Ever wondered how it all began?  Here’s Julie Michels inviting Heather onstage…the rest is history!!  Click below to take a peek!!



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