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It’s Showtime! Nights Of Holiday Fun With Broadsway Coming Up!

1broads2 Ok so some of us REALLY don’t want to think about Christmas and the holidays this very second however, there’s no denying that that time of the year brings those we hold close to our hearts together in the warmest of ways.

Are you looking at gathering friends and family for a night of holiday fun? Come out and see a Broadsway show! We have three dates coming up, the first is December 12th where we’ll be at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. ‘ A Broadsway Christmas ‘ will give you an evening of Christmas fun you’ll never forget!  Please click here for ticket information.

On December 13th and 14th we’ll be at The Flying Beaver Pubaret, one of THE venues in Toronto that naturally injects laughter into the air and what happens when a little Broadsway gets thrown into the mix? Expect uncontrollable guffawing!! Click here for ticket info.

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Ever wondered how it all began?  Here’s Julie Michels inviting Heather onstage…the rest is history!!  Click below to take a peek!!


Stratford Was Over The Top!

1micfbFriday, November 1, we had the honour of performing at “Over the Top”:  the fundraising event for the Stratford Summer Music Festival.  This organization supports the arts – particularly music – in so many ways, but most importantly, they offer performance opportunities for artists to offer up their creative efforts. So, it’s a room full of arts / music supporters in Stratford, one of the most artistic-ly driven places in Canada … “Hello, Pressure”!!!

So, we set off on our second road trip – to Stratford, ON!!

Things didn’t start off so smoothly.  Stratford is about 90 minutes from Toronto … except on a Friday … at rush hour … when parts of the 401 are down to 1 lane due to a major accident earlier in the day.  (Yikes!)  So, a trip that should have taken 90 minutes took almost 4 hours.  (We were quite late for our soundcheck!)  On the bright side, we learned that:

(1)  it’s easy to miss the turn-offs for other highways, depending on how little attention you’re paying …

(2)  we all love singing along to hits of the 70s …

(3)  there are lovely areas somewhere between Mississauga, Brampton, Georgetown, and other areas where we didn’t know we were …

(4)  Heather has a very hard time driving when her socks are ill-fitting inside her boots …

(5)  Diane can play Scrabble on her smart phone under almost any circumstance …

(6)  Julie is the queen of non sequiturs …

Eventually, we made it to Stratford and rushed into the BEEYOOTEEFUL venue in which we were playing “The Church” Restaurant.  Gorgeous!!   The stage and sound was all set to go, so after a quick check of the piano and mics, we were off to our hotel to check in, change, and prep for the show.

The Church was jammed with a wonderful group of people who were all there to support the Stratford Summer Music Festival.  There were incredible silent auction items, a live auction featuring some amazing one-of-a-kind things, and a sumptuous dinner which we were able to enjoy before our show.  (OK, maybe it wasn’t the best idea to gorge ourselves on an amazing dinner JUST before singing.  However, we HAD just spent 4 hours on the road!  That’s hungry work!)

The show was fantastic – exquisite sound and a room full of people who had been chatting, drinking, and dining all night, but who sat in total silence – except for the parts where they had to laugh and applaud, both of which they did REALLY WELL!!  🙂    They were lovely, offering up a standing ovation, and then immediately inviting us back to perform as part of their 2014 Stratford Summer Music season.  Yes!!!!   (Stay tuned for details of that gig!)

Following the show, we relaxed, toyed with the idea of bidding on some of the auction items (the scotch and cigars were awfully tempting for Jules and Heather), and eventually made our way back to the hotel for a nightcap and some sleep.  Early rise to return to the city in the morning!!

The return trip was a LOT less stressful.

And now we’re back to the grind, preparing music for our upcoming Holiday shows on Thursday, December 12th at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts (“A Broadsway Christmas”), and both Friday, December 13 and Saturday, December 14 at the Flying Beaver Pubaret  (“Sh-It’s Christmas!”). Check out the “Shows” page of our website for tickets and information for all of these shows!

Stay tuned here for more news, blog entries, and photos …. when we can use our phones to take pics rather than to play Scrabble and desperately search for alternate routes to Stratford!!

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