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The Broads Pack Their Pipes And Head North To Kirkland Lake!

What a day!!  It was our first road trip and we were heading to KIRKLAND LAKE, having been invited by the Kirkland Lake Arts Council to do a performance there.  Things started well – we all arrived at the airport when we were supposed to, got through security, and found the gate.  After a short, pleasant flight, we arrived in Timmins, ready to start our trek to Kirkland Lake.

Alas, the Travel Goddesses weren’t looking down upon us when it came to automobiles.  Let’s start that part of the story by asking a question:  Did you know that there’s a Timmins airport in Ontario CALIFORNIA?!?!  Yeah, we didn’t know that either … and DEFINITELY didn’t know that when we booked our rental car!!  Thus, when we arrived at the airport, looking for the Thrifty rental counter, only to learn there WASN’T one, we were mildly concerned.  In the end, we got a car (thanks, AVIS!) and hit the road.

First stop:  Mike’s Restaurant!  Yowsa!!  If breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, we were set for an amazing day!


From here, we loaded up the GPS, and hit the road … well, right after a quick stop at Shoppers Drug Mart.  (After all, we ARE girls!)  Julie bought nail polish, Diane and Heather tried to talk Julie into agreeing to wear a giant glow in the dark skull helmet on stage, and we all bought a few litres of water.  THEN, we hit the road.


Alas, we hit the road a little too vigourously … no sooner were we on our way out of Timmins when we saw flashing lights behind us.  It seems Heather was paying a little too much attention to the map and GPS and NOT to the speedometer … 120 in an 80 zone!!!  Fortunately, we had a lovely officer who reduced the clocked speed and sent us on our way, letting us know where the speed limits picked up and slowed down.  (We offered to sing for her if she let us off, but apparently the OPP in Timmins cannot be bribed with song.  Hrumpf!)


Signs you’re in Northern Ontario:

– signs that read “Please don’t feed the bears.”  (That has a totally different connotation in Toronto!)
– derelict motels at various spots along the highway  (Note:  you could also be in Etobicoke!)
– restaurants that offer “Chinese AND Canadian food”
– general stores that also serve as post offices, gas stations, AND LCBO outlets
– signs for “moose crossing” or “moose areas” at various intervals along the highway  (Which had Diane wondering how they know where to cross … )

We found the Kirkland Lake Inn as well as – more importantly – the closest LCBO.  We were ready for the show!!!  Sound check time came and went, the highlight being when Ernie (the guy who seems to be the one they call to fix everything in Kirkland Lake) solved our monitor issues, and we had just enough time for a quick bite at Billy’s Roadhouse (which, it turns out, is the only big / popular bar and grill in town.  That was verified by the fact that EVERYONE seemed to know each other there, and seconded when the waitress approached our table saying she was aware of the fact that we had only a limited amount of time to have dinner before our show that night.  Yes!!!)


The Northern College Auditorium is lovely!!   Beautiful ambiance, nice sound, and really accommodating people.  And what a crowd!!  This was our first time playing Kirkland Lake, so we weren’t sure what to expect.  What we got was a fabulous room full of enthusiastic, warm, fun-loving people!!  The show was wonderfully well-received, and we had a great time signing CDs and meeting some folks following the performance.  Big thanks to Jen, Karen, Nancy, Delores, and all the members of the Kirkland Lake Arts Council for inviting us to launch this wonderful concert series.  It was such a great experience!!  Also thanks to Chris (sound tech), Amy (who left her shift at Billy’s in order to help Chris with the sound), and Ernie (for apparently leaving the roof he was re-shingling in order to get our monitors working!).


Great fun with friends Val M’Cardell & Val Joyce!

So ends the first – and final – stop of our ONE SHOW TOUR!!!  We’re at the Timmins airport, rental car returned (no tickets on thereturn drive!), Tim Horton’s breakfast consumed, and are currently doing our best to down the final three litres of water we brought with us before going through security.  (Here’s hoping there’s a bathroom on the other side … )

And the best part is:  we know we can travel together without killing each other!!  Yes!!!  This group is gonna work!!!

Bring on Broadsway’s next tour.  Kapuskasing and Haileybury here we come!!!!!